Whether high-end products for machine tools or assemblies for the highest demands in the automotive industry - our claim is to increase your efficiency with our innovative, customer-centric, long-lasting solutions.


Müller is at the heart of the German automotive industry and medical technology – thus on the pulse of important machining companies. For over 25 years, Müller has been standing for reliability, professionalism and innovative customer-specific solutions for machine tools and, since 2020, also in the field of commercial vehicle peripherals.

Opportunity and philosophy for us: We involve our customers into our processes in order to incorporate current and future customer requirements into our system solutions, which increase their efficiency. In doing so, our customers value our personal commitment in combination with our innovative strength and flexibility.


In our mechanical engineering department, we develop and manufacture particularly compact, aesthetic, highly efficient, customisable cooling lubricant high-pressure systems, cooling lubricant filtration systems as well as chip management systems and chip conveyors. Discover our products for the machine tool.


Our compact high-pressure systems and full-flow high-pressure systems combiloop clean cooling lubricant in wet cutting and supply it under pressure to the machine tool and / or to the internally cooled tool(s). Advantages: Increased efficiency, profitability, process reliability, tool life, quality, cutting and drilling speeds.

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Our combined systems combistream are an integrated unit for machine tools that incorporates a high-pressure system, a chip conveyor, fine filter, machine tank and clean tank into a single unit and enables maximum automation in chip management and uninterrupted machining under maximum pressure and high cooling medium availability.

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As a component of a machine tool, chipstream chip conveyors transport chips from the working area into a collecting container. At the same time, the chips are separated from the cooling lubricant. Advantages: Productivity increase, avoidance of accident risks, recovery of cooling lubricant (cost reduction), etc.

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Our pressure boosting systems are a standalone supply and pressure boost solution with cooling lubricant for machining centres, automatic lathes and machine tools, e.g. in flushing, flood cooling, for internally cooled tools. In comparison to common coolant pumps, thanks to the double-pump feeder principle and integrated filtration, they always supply the machine with cooling lubricant in a stable and reliable manner and without machine downtime.

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We develop and manufacture particularly compact, lightweight construction-based, highly standardised yet customisable pressure cylinder storage systems, functional seats, pull-outs and housings for commercial vehicles in our modern sheet metal production facility.


Our innovative pressure cylinder and SCBA storage systems ensure, among other things, secure fastening and quick removal of the pressure cylinders by means of a patented mounting system. They are suitable for versatile use.

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It is the details and user understanding that make the difference. We asked ourselves: How do we optimise space, create a module for various vehicles and make entry and exit fast and safe at the same time? As you can see: The solution is close at hand!

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Our modular hygiene station is a proven mobile sanitary unit for decentralised use in fire protection and disaster control, for the police and in further applications. Particularly slim and compact, it does not waste any space and is a fully-fledged hygiene helper.

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From racks and mask towers to versatile control cabinets and much more - in our housing construction we create space for your tidiness: always well thought-out and always designed based on our lightweight construction expertise and precision.

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Thanks to close system partnerships, we are able to offer predefined and tailor-made high-pressure CL solutions for around 80% of the leading manufacturers'’ sliding headstock automatic lathes and for many short lathes such as Citizen, DMG Mori, Manurhin, Star, Tornos, Tsugami as well as many more.

Your benefits:

// The right product for your lathe in combination with your production process
// Efficient interplay between peripherals and lathe thanks to the smooth communication between machine control and machine
// Predefined modular system components for fast and uncomplicated integration and commissioning
// Best possible utilisation of the efficiency benefits of high-pressure machining
// Easy introduction and operation thanks to standardised control
// Compact, high-performance products with a small footprint

efficiency matters


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