DISCOVER “IN”NOVATION!  – The CL compact system revolution combiloop CL6 G is the world’s first closed high-pressure system for large machines. In the future, you’ll be able to machine even more profitably, more sustainably, more attractively and in a way that optimises space on all systems where there’s a need for high flow rates.


// 5-digit ratio potentials & reduced unit costs
// Larger quantities & improved output quality
// Improved ecological footprint
// Significant improvement to CL and tool service lives
// Reduced shutdowns and downtimes
// ... and much more!


combiloop CL6 G takes things to a new level and a new dimension in terms of sustainability, design and efficiency in cooling lubricant high-pressure machining on large multi-spindle lathes, short lathes – in fact, everything that needs large flow rates.

Without a doubt, our high-quality, dynamically avant-garde design will enrich your modern production. But we wanted more than that. For you. Everything should be integrated in one unit – in a smart way, ergonomically perfect, with maximum equipment flexibility and performance. Why? It’s quite simple: To make the cooling lubricant periphery safer, more deliberate and more profitable for you. We have blazed a new trail here and have created completely new approaches – the merging of a high-pressure unit and an emulsion disinfection is just one example of many. Discover the details.


+ A self-contained system: safety and a highly professional, modern overall impression of production
+ Avant-garde shape, high-quality materials: timeless, high-quality expression, money well spent
+ Clever design: maximum efficiency, also in terms of maintenance and ease of cleaning
+ More production capacity in the same space thanks to the narrow, elongated design
+ Targeted investment: three basic versions as platforms for custom-fit configuration
+ Full and bypass flow filtration as standard for higher output quality
+ Top-mounted cooler increases dimensional accuracy and can be retrofitted at any time (staggered investment)
+ Low-maintenance filtration, self-sufficient circuit – automatic filter with chip removal
+ Disinfection: massive cost reduction, no smell, safer workplace

“Your wish was our command. Which one? For cleaning up the high-pressure peripherals on large machines. And integrating our efficiency technologies at the same time.”
Martin Müller, Managing Director of Müller


It’s is not uncommon for large processing machines to give the impression of being a CL high-pressure peripheral component jigsaw puzzle: a cooler here, an auxiliary tank there, disinfection somewhere else. In the future and with the combiloop CL6 G, Müller will do away with what is currently standard practice. The aesthetically functional system finally offers a professional counterpart in the high-pressure filtration periphery when it comes to challenging, modern machining.

All extension stages appear balanced and exciting at the same time. Phases give the product structure and reinforce the impression of dynamism. In a well thought-out contrast, the system impresses with its planarity as well as the clear structure and clarity in the allocation of functions. It is a logical, appealing design that interacts with the operator, making handling enjoyable and easier.

In addition, the design deliberately delivers astonishing added value in terms of space optimisation. The narrow, elongated design not only makes the product appear more elegant and modern, it also creates more production capacity in the same space as that provided by many open systems that are widely available on the market. Their more square basic shape means that the production islands are placed less closely together – wasting precious space for more turnover.

With the combiloop CL6 G design, modularity, performance and flexibility in a space-optimising, narrow and integrated construction go hand-in-hand with ease of use, installation and maintenance. Discover the function here.


  1. Clean liquid tank
  2. Centrifugal pump for filter circuit (on machine tool)
  3. Self-cleaning automatic filter (optional)
  4. Automatic discharge for filter sludge
  5. Integrated chip carrier with tipping function
  6. eco+ high-pressure pump incorporating control pump technology / low-pressure pumps (depending on pump configuration) (cutting oil) // eco+ speed-controlled high-pressure pump / low-pressure pumps (depending on pump configuration) (water emulsion)
  7. Valve block with controllable service connections
  8. Cooling system / plate heat exchanger (optional)
  9. Disinfection system (optional)
  10. Skimmer (optional)
  11. Overflow for bypass filtration
  12. Electrical controller with touch panel for system operation


      Large processing machines are not exactly a new market segment for us, but we are approaching the market in a whole new way. A real innovation.

      combiloop CL6 G is:

      • The first closed high-pressure unit for large processing machines (integrated system solution)
      • The first individually adaptable standard system (modular system) for large processing machines
      • The first machine that merges the high-pressure unit with emulsion disinfection (optional) and considerably relieves the strain on people, the environment and your wallet
      • The first closed CL high-pressure unit,
        • in which several automatic filters can be connected in series – for completely consumable-free, low-maintenance cooling lubricant filtration with high flushing performance
        • in which a top-mounted cooler and disinfection can be retrofitted at any time if necessary
        • which has a compact belt filter with a patented chip removal system
        • which generates high pressure in this class with the energy-efficient, self-regulating piston pump technology
        • which has an integrated chip carrier for safe, convenient chip removal
        • which, with its special feature for emulsion or cutting oil, delivers maximum process reliability and effectiveness


      The table below refers to a turning/milling centre that now operates in combination with combiloop CL6 G 1200 and an automatic reverse-flow filter.

      Key data:

      • Turning/milling centre
      • Machine running time (with combiloop): 209 days per year / 21 hours per day / 1,000,000 parts
      • Machine hourly rate here: approx. 128 € per hour
      Ratio areaDescriptionAdvantageEURO
      High pressureDrill wearSevenfold reduction7,934
      Drilling in one go8% time savings45,696
      Full flow or bypass filtrationNo filter changes, no consumablesTime and cost advantage1,380
      Improved CL service life for full flow filtration10% cost savings950
      Disinfection for emulsionCost advantage for extended service life1,856
      Energy efficiencyRegulating pump effectApprox. 5–6 kW/hour savings3,950
      Cooling for constant pumpDoes not apply to CL + CS (cost advantage)2,633
      Process reliabilityImproved quality outputHere, the advantage can be estimated only with caution6,000
      Unattended multi-shift operations possible in practice
      Total192 production days/year
      21 hours/day

      “The design speaks for itself. And the numbers too: medium 5-digit cost reductions, depending on the processing. That’s a word! In addition, there’s a 25% increase in space per production unit thanks to the narrow design compared to the usual machines. Depending on the size of the hall, that’s a clear opportunity for greater production capacity in the same space!”
      Alexander Lang, Head of Marketing & Strategic Product Development


      The three basic models and the modular design have all fields of application and customer needs covered. All models can be used with either emulsion oil or cutting oil. With an 800 l clean tank and a maximum flow rate of 150 l/min, the combiloop CL6 G 800 is the smallest system and is particularly ideal for use with up to three working pumps. The medium-sized system, the combiloop CL6 G 1200, can hold up to 1,200 l of clean liquid, has a maximum flow rate of 300 l/min and can have up to four pumps. A genuine heavyweight: the combiloop CL6 G 2500 with a 2,500 l CL clean tank and a maximum flow rate of 450 l/min. This product is the ultimate for all machines that have to circulate a large amount of cooling lubricant. This machine is equipped with up to five pumps.

      Technical DataCL6 G 800CL6 G 1200CL6 G 2500
      • Dimensions: 2,640 x 1,050 x 2,255 mm
      • 800-l clean tank
      • Full flow filtration
      • Dimensions: 3,275 x 1,050 x 2,255 mm
      • 1,200-l clean liquid tank
      • Full flow filtration
      • Dimensions: 3,675 x 1,450 x 2,255 mm
      • 2,500-l clean liquid tank
      • Full flow filtration
      ConnectionPower supply: 3∼/ PE 400 V / 50 Hz
      PumpsUp to 3 (max. 2 x HP)Up to 4 (max. 3 x HP)Up to 5 (max. 3 x HP)
      Delivery rateMaximum 150 l/minMaximum 300 l/minMaximum 450 l/min
      Filter/Filtration fineness
      • Maintenance-optimised compact belt filter (CBF)
        (80 g/m² ≙ 40 μm)
      • 1 x automatic filter (40 µm)
      • Maintenance-optimised compact belt filter (CBF)
        (80 g/m² ≙ 40 μm)
      • 2 x automatic filter (40 μm)
        + automatic discharge
      • Maintenance-optimised compact belt filter (CBF)
        (80 g/m² ≙ 40 μm)
      • 3 x automatic filter (40 μm)
        + automatic discharge
      • Cutting oil (eco+ high-pressure pump as self-regulating piston pump)
      • Water emulsion (min. 8% oil content, eco+ high-pressure pump as speed-controlled screw pump)

      Cooling (optional)Maximum 12 kWMaximum 25 kWMaximum 25 kW
      We answered various questions during the preliminary presentation. Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions:

      Why is a closed system needed for large processing machines? What’s in it for me?

      How did this revolutionary concept come about? Customers kept asking us whether we could design a compact system that integrated all of Müller’s efficiency-optimising technologies – such as the automatic filter, high-pressure regulation technology and control capacities – but also offered a smart, modular design with high-performance flushing and maximum lubricant availability. We were intrigued by the number of demands. Thinking outside the box, this meant getting rid of all the peripheral high-pressure cooling lubricant equipment used in conjunction with the large machine tools and packing these inside an attractively designed, efficiency-boosting and process-stabilising CL peripheral solution. Durable, intelligent – the Müller way. And maximum safety for you, our customers. Closed CL high-pressure for large processing machines from the high-pressure specialist Müller brings you

      • Profitability and efficiency booster: lower unit costs + higher unit numbers + better quality + fewer rejects + lower operating costs ...
      • Aesthetic and clever: long-term investment
      • Safety and professional overall impression
      • Modular design: adaptation to the purpose
      • Tried-and-tested high-performance technologies
      • Narrow design: more space for more capacity
      • Improved ecological footprint
      • … and much more!

      What is the point of the “in”novation?

      It’s quite simple: Firstly because – as the first closed cooling lubricant high-pressure system for large machining centers – it is an innovation. And secondly, everything possible is included – in terms of what’s integrated – or re-configurable in the field of compact high-pressure machining. And a lot of it is also an innovation.

      How does Müller use the combiloop CL6 G to ensure that the pumps do not close when emulsified by foam, foreign oils, etc.?

      For this, we actually combine two elements as standard in our emulsion systems that prevent this: We have integrated a skimmer that separates the foreign oils (lubricating oils, slideway oils, hydraulic oils). In addition, the level sensor in emulsion systems is an ultrasonic sensor.

      The integrated separator for foreign oils ensures that no viscous volume of oil floats on the surface of the emulsion. It gets rid of it. Advantages:

      • Stabilisation of the production processes
      • Avoiding error messages related to the level sensor
      • Avoiding the danger of the tank running dry
      • No clogging of valves, pipes or tools
      • Longer component service life
      • Longer equipment service life (tools, CL, etc.)
      • Avoiding machine failures/shutdowns
      • Reduction of potential repair and maintenance costs

        The ultrasonic filling standard sensor reduces the risk of false reports, which are often caused by foam formation, dirt particles and foreign oils in the emulsion. The mixture suggests an incorrect level. In the ultrasonic process, the surface of the medium is measured directly – the ultrasound also penetrating through the foam. The correct, actual CL filling level is always reliably determined. Advantages:

        • Stabilisation of the production processes
        • Avoiding error messages related to the level sensor
        • Longer component service life
        • Longer equipment service life (tools, CL, etc.)
        • Avoiding machine failures/shutdowns
        • Reduction of potential repair and maintenance costs


          What does the merging of disinfection and high pressure deliver?

          With the merging of CL high pressure and disinfection, you achieve considerable cost advantages in the emulsion and also really benefit the environment, the workplace and employee safety, not to mention your output quality and quantity. Our disinfection kills almost 100% of bacteria and fungi in an environmentally friendly, highly effective pasteurisation process. In this way, the service life of the emulsion is increased by at least 50–75%, plus the medium quality is continuously maintained at a high level during production.

          • Runs during processing
            • Downtime reduction (medium change, system cleaning)
            • Optimisation of HR costs/capacity
          • Disinfects all pipes in the full AND bypass flow
            • Comprehensive killing of fungi and bacteria
            • Risk of blockages is prevented
            • Reduction of potential repair and maintenance costs
          • No spilled emulsion; no foaming
            • CL service life at least doubled
            • Clear reduction of disposal costs
            • Cost savings on bactericides and fungicides
            • Greater safety and a more attractive working environment
            • Improved machine availability; fewer stoppages
            • The effectiveness of the CL is no longer impaired
            • Faults are avoided
            • No odours form
            • Increased production and quantities
            • Greater process stability and processing quality
            • Greater profitability
          • Environmentally friendly and healthy process (pasteurisation)
            • Prevention of biocide-related and fungicide-related skin irritation
            • Avoidance of health risks and sick leave, thereby increasing productivity
            • Fewer rejects, increased output quality
            • Better, more reliable processing
          • Integrated and retrofittable at any time
            • All in one: no additional area required
            • Space-optimised production islands; more capacity
            • Performance-optimised product features
            • Flexibility and investment optimisation

          Why and how much can “I” save with the integrated emulsion disinfection?

          As studies show, thermal disinfection is one of the most efficient methods of cooling lubricant disinfection in terms of efficiency. In terms of cost savings, the following positive properties are particularly important:

          • Less coolant concentrate must be bought later / less wear on equipment
          • Downtimes for medium changing / system cleaning are reduced
          • Disposal costs are significantly reduced thanks to the lower used medium disposal volume
          • Cost savings on bactericides and fungicides

          The following calculation example should make this aspect clear: In a company with ten machine tools à 1,600 litres and where the cooling lubricant is replaced twice each year, the annual consumption is 32,000 litres of cooling lubricant. At a cost of € 5/l of concentrated CL and an 8% concentration, that costs 32,000 l x 8% x € 5 = € 12,800. Disposal costs another € 0.12/l, amounting to: 32,000 l x € 0.12 = € 3,840. In addition, there are the shutdown costs: Assuming that the machine tools are each shut down for 8 hours to change the cooling lubricant, and a one-hour shutdown costs € 128, the cost for the 10 machine tools x 2 changes per year x 8 hours x € 128 / h = € 20,480. This means that the total costs are € 37,120. These are purely the material and shutdown costs.

          But isn’t retrofitting a top-mounted cooler or disinfection associated with massive interventions and certainly expensive?

          No, we designed the system almost as a plug-and-play system in such a way that you can even retrofit at any time with on-board resources and technical expertise.

          How does the automatic filtration work? Does it really achieve 40 µm?

          The self-cleaning automatic filtration is the ultimate in terms of CL filtration in cutting oil, and represents an optimum solution where there are medium and high levels of contamination. With the automatic filter, the cooling lubricant is sucked in from the machine tank by means of a filter feed pump that is insensitive to dirt and, in the case of the combiloop CL6 G, it is brought into the clean tank via up to three self-cleaning automatic filters. Contaminated medium flows through the stainless steel mesh filter from the outside to the inside, dirt adheres to the outside and drops down. The filter is automatically cleaned by backwashing with air and its own medium. Experience shows that the medium in the clean tank is usually around 15–25 µm cleaner, since the filter cake that is placed around the filter element intensifies the filtration. Put simply, the strainer basket with stainless steel filter mesh ensures that the returned medium is post-filtered. The automatic filter enables low-maintenance, reliable and sustainable operation – with the combiloop CL6 G connected in series for large flushing capacities of up to 450 l/min!

          • Automatic filtration and cleaning during the production process
            • Save money: hardly any capacity and resources are tied up
            • Simple and safe: no manual filter changing
            • No downtimes, no shutdown
            • Unmanned operation possible
          • High medium purity, constant availability
            • Increased production and quantities
            • Faults are avoided
            • Better, more reliable processing
            • Fewer rejects, increased output quality
            • Operating cost reduction: tool service lives are increased
            • Consumable elements are completely avoided
              • Environmentally friendly, sustainable process
              • Cost reductions

            Why is the medium in the tank 15–25 µm cleaner with the automatic filter?

            It’s quite simple: A genuine purity of 40 µm is guaranteed. But because the filter cake, which is placed around the filter element, increases the filtration process, the medium in the clean tank is 15–25 µm cleaner. Put simply, the stainless steel filter mesh ensures that the returned medium is post-filtered.

            What does the automated chip removal system deliver, and is it the standard?

            Combined with the self-cleaning automatic filter, fine chips and sludge are automatically discharged into the chip carrier by an integrated conveyor system. This process is automated and does not tie up any skilled workers – only to empty the integrated chip carrier. This feature is available as standard for the combiloop CL6 G 1200 and 2500. It can be ordered as an option for the combiloop CL6 G 800.

            • Safe, automated discharge of large amounts of chips
              • Process safety and work safety: no filter basket cleaning necessary during processing
              • Fully-automated process does not tie up any capacity
              • No downtimes, no shutdown
              • Almost maintenance-free system
              • Unmanned operation possible
            • Chips are collected directly in the chip carrier
              • Storage of large amounts of chips
              • Very little capacity tied up
              • Simply clean; cleaning work reduced
            • Consumable elements are completely avoided
              • Environmentally friendly process
              • Cost reductions

            Why does the eco+ regulating pump save you several thousand Euros per year?

            The self-regulating eco + piston pump is fitted as standard for all oil systems. It only supplies the volume flow rate that is actually required for processing. This technology boasts a very high level of effectiveness. Very low volume flow rates of up 0 l/min are possible. This technology reduces energy consumption thanks to its regulating effect, thereby transferring significantly less heat into the medium. This in turn ensures higher temperature stability in the medium and better, more reliable processing and – depending on the load and processing – the avoidance of an additional cooler, which once again has a positive effect on your ecological footprint and operating costs. In addition, the self-regulating eco+ piston pump has a long service life, which reduces potential downtimes and keeps maintenance costs more manageable. For over 15 years, Müller has been a pioneer and market leader in the use of this high-performance pump technology in cooling lubricant high-pressure machining.

            • Control effect/speed regulation: high temperature stability in the medium
              • Better, more reliable processing
              • Fewer rejects, increased output quality
            • Possibly avoidance of or reduced cooling output
              • Improved ecological footprint
              • Lower operating costs / electricity costs
            • Long service life
              • Potential downtimes are reduced
              • Maintenance costs are minimised

            How does the patented paddle system work on the high-end compact belt filter?

            The high-end compact belt filter with a patented chip removal system is the ideal solution for a large chip load or a large proportion of sludge. The paddles are driven separately from the filter fleece and ensure continuous fleece cleaning. The pollution is literally dredged. Any dirt that is picked up is also scraped off the paddles and transported directly to the chip carrier. In this way, largely self-sufficient, reliable operation is possible even with extremely dirty loads.

            Do you have a special question of your own?

            We would be happy to help you. Write to us at sales[at] or call us on Tel. +49 (0)741-174575-0. You can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page. We look forward to receiving your questions and suggestions.


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