Degree of machine contamination

The requirement for a high-pressure system is strongly determined by the degree of machine contamination.

Our special symbols allow you to find out the right high-pressure unit with respect to the machine contamination level – more or less at a glance.

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Performance potential of combiloop & combistream

Performance potential of combiloop & combistream Comment Pressure range
  • Cooling lubricant purification
  • Improved cooling and lubrication at the cutting edge
  • Concentrated washing away of the chips when drilling, turning and milling
The range up to 30 bar must not be underestimated. Often, even very low pressures can produce excellent cutting results. < 30 bar
  • Early breaking of the chips, removal of snarl, ribbon and spiral chips
  • Drilling possible without clearing out
  • Deep hole drilling > 5 mm possible in one go
  • Trouble-free two-shift or three-shift operation
  • Probably 60% of all conventional cutting operations can be served to excellent effect with pressures in this range. High-pressure effects make the biggest difference.
  • Very gummy materials like copper and bronze need pressures over 50 bar.
30-70 bar
  • Good machining of aluminium and stainless steel
  • Deep hole drilling > 3 mm possible in one go
With the exception of smaller holes, this pressure range no doubt covers most of the high-pressure cutting operations today. 70-100 bar
  • Deep hole drilling > 0,5 mm possible in one go
  • Machining of extremely hard alloys and titanium
Aluminium in conjunction with copper and silicon can be cut only with difficulty under 100 bar. > 100 bar


The following calculations are based on a customer's situation. The calculations refer to a turning and milling center, which is now used in combination with combiloop CL3 plus reversing flow automatic filter.

Basic data:

  • Turning and milling center
  • Machine running times (with combiloop): 192 days a year / 21 hours a day
  • Machine hour rate here:  approx. €68 per hour
Ratio Description Advantage EURO
High pressure Drill wear Sevenfold reductions 5.472
Working without clearing 8% time savings 24.276
Full or partial flow filtration No filter changes, no consumables Time and cost advantage 1.380
Improved cooling lubricant life for full flow filtration 10% cost savings 950
Energy efficiency Regulating pump effect Approx. 3–4 kW/h savings 2.633
Cooling for constant pump Does not apply to CL + CS (cost advantage) 1.975
Process safety Improved quality output Here, the advantage can be estimated only with caution 6.000
multishift operations possible
Total 192 production days/year 21 hours/day 42.686

We would be happy to calculate individual savings by using high-pressure with combiloop or combistream together with you.