combistream CS2


As a combined high-pressure chip conveyor, this low-end solution offers the greatest flexibility. Even the smallest expansion stage comes with a wide range of chip conveyors to choose from. Mounted on the base tank, they are combined with the high-pressure combistream CS2 technology (high-pressure requirements up to 100 bar). The new development of washable high performance filters safeguards the maximum purity up to 40 μm for high-pressure applications at internally cooled tools.

Suitable for lathes by:
Citizen, DMG Mori, Manurhin, Star, Tornos, Tsugami, to name but a few.

Technical data
  • Size varies with machine; weight varies with expansion stage; machine tank, secondary tank, or clean liquid tank vary with version
  • < 70–100 bar from constant pump as gear pump, feed pump, 230 l secondary tank, electronic control
  • Power supply 3∼/ PE 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Cutting oil
  • Water emulsion (min. 8 % oil content)
Chip conveyor, machine tank filtration
Flow rate & pressure
  • Low-pressure system varies with the version
  • High pressure 70 bar at 12 / 20 / 24 l/min
  • High pressure 100 bar at 12 / 20 l/min
 High-pressure filtration High pressure is primed directly from the 230 l secondary tank through a washable wire mesh filter:
  • Single filter (40 or 60 μm)
  • Twin coupling filter (40–60 μm)
 Service connections
  • Up to 10 controllable service connections
Degree of machine contamination



  1. Machine tank as secondary tank with pre-separation
  2. Chip conveyor for machining area
  3. Double chip release
  4. Pre-separation with scraper conveyor for automated dirt removal
  5. 500–300 μm secondary tank area
  6. Motor with self-priming high-pressure pump (constant pump)
  7. Level sensor (not visible)
  8. Manifold with controllable service connections
  9. Electronic control
  10. Touch panel for operation
  11. Oil mist suction nozzle
  12. Twin coupling filter (option)
  13. Cleaning aperture secondary tank
  14. Levelling
  15. Self-cleaning slotted screen actuated by the scraper conveyor mechanism with automatic chip removal



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