combistream CS3


Top quality pump technology in conjunction with the best possible fine filtration of the cooling lubricants for the supply of high pressure on the machine – this is what combistream CS3 is for. Chips can be broken early and deep holes drilled in the one operation – all this in conjunction with up to three differing chip conveying concepts mounted on the one base tank. The rule: The best technology, perfectly integrated!

Suitable for lathes by:
Citizen, DMG Mori, Manurhin, Star, Tornos, Tsugami, to name but a few.

Technical data
  • Size varies with machine; weight varies with expansion stage; machine tank, secondary tank, or clean liquid tank vary with version
  • < 300 bar from eco+ self-regulating piston pump technology, feed pump, integrated clean liquid tank, electronic control
  • Power supply 3∼/ PE 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Cutting oil
  • Water emulsion (min. 8 % oil content)
Chip conveyor, machine tank filtration
Flow rate & pressure
  • High- and low-pressure system varies with the version
  • 80–300 bar
  • 9–45 l/min
High-pressure filtration
  • Exchangeable filter (25 μm) also as twin coupling filter
  • Cascading filter 500/25 μm (option 500/40 μm)
  • Automatic filter (30 μm)
Service connections
  • Up to 10 controllable service connections
Degree of machine contamination



  1. Machine tank: dirt area
  2. Demountable tank: clean area
  3. Chip conveyor: hinge, scraper belt or combo- conveyor
  4. Double changeover filter, filter I (replace / clean)
  5. Double changeover filter, filter II (replace / clean)
  6. Reverse tap (filter I or filter II)
  7. Valve block with controllable service connections
  8. eco+ high-pressure pump with self-regulating piston pump technology
  9. Transfer pump for filter cycle
  10. Low pressure pump
  11. Spindle flush pump (option)
  12. Touch panel for system operation
  13. Electronic control
  14. Suction sockets DN80 (option)
  15. Connection option: external cooling system



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