HIGH PERFORMANCE HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE! Test compact high-pressure for high flushing performance now for 4 weeks without obligation. The test products? Our price-performance efficiency champions for high flushing capacities - the highly compact combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60 and CL3 G eco+ 50/45 and 70/40 models. For more profit on your short-cycle automatic lathes and small processing machines..


// Benefit from the simple, convenient all-inclusive processing.
// Delivery, installation, connection for only 999 euros instead of from 2,500 euros
// Installation service: cleanly installed, smoothly fast in function
// don’t want it after all? Uncomplicated return after 4 weeks guaranteed
// Increase your profit and efficiency sustainably
// Secure your investment decision now



Particularly when processing machines are equipped ex works in the original equipment "with high pressure", it is often a matter of integrated 20-30 bar pumps. And in retrofitting, it is not uncommon to take a sledgehammer to crack a nut. For all processing machines that require a higher flushing performance - Müller offers the combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60 and two special CL3 G eco+ models, true price-performance efficiency masters for high flushing performance, which can be designed to optimize performance and can be retrofitted easily, safely and quickly.

combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60 with cascade filtration

combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60 with cascade filtration

combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60 with automatic filtration

combiloop CL3 G eco+ 50/45 and 70/40

combiloop CL3 G eco+ 50/45 and 70/40 – easy filter change

combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60 with automatic filtration

combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60 - rear view

With our retrofit offensive, we are setting an example in the fight against inefficiency on machining centers and short turning machines - at as-good-as-0-risk for you! The only cost is a flat installation fee of 999 euros - including logistics and uninstallation if the product is not purchased. The highlight: If the installation does not bring the desired benefit, it will be taken back. The dismantling and all associated costs are in this case naturally contained in the 999 euro. Protect your investment now without risk - benefit from market-leading compact high-pressure efficiency, even for large flushing capacities. The campaign runs until December 31, 2021.

„Our goal is for you to benefit as precisely, quickly, easily and safely in the range of high flushing capacities between 40 and 150 l/min at pressures greater than 30 bar as possible.“
Richard Huber, Head of Sales Müller Hydraulik


  1. Contact: Tel. +49 (0)741-174575-0 or sales[at]muellerhydraulik.de  
  2. Feedback and consultation by the Müller team for feasibility check and test product specification
  3. Sending and discussion of the individual offer as well as general conditions
  4. Confirmation of order, preparation of delivery date as well as planning of installation
  5. Disposition as well as handing over of your order to our production and manufacturing of the installation
  6. Delivery, connection and calculation of installation costs/removal fee of 999 Euro

Personal support is provided during the test phase. After 2 weeks the first review takes place, after 3 weeks the second. Here you make the decision whether you want to keep the product or not. Depending on the decision: Invoicing of the system or retrieval.


for retrofitting or upgrading your
// processing machines,
// sliding headstock automatic lathes or
// turning/milling centres
by leading brands such as:
Miyano, Doosan, Biglia, Winema, Scherer, ZPS-Slin/Manurhin/Tajmac, Weisser, DMG Mori, Mazak, Tornos, Hanwha, Tsugami, Spinner, Benzinger, Schütte, Index, Traub, Nakamura, Okuma, Matsuura, Takamaz, CMZ (Spain), Hwaechon, Grob, Hermle, SW,
 ... and many more!


As usual, Müller also offers a clever modular system for its special products for high rinsing capacities in order to enable process accuracy and to counteract oversizing. In terms of filtration technology in particular, different concepts are possible - from the attractively priced cascade filter for combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60 and combiloop CL3 G eco+ 50/45 or 70/40 to automatic filtration.

combiloop CL3 G eco+ 50/45 and 70/40

Technical DataCL3 G eco+ 50/45 und 70/40
Promotional Product Retrofitting Campaign! 
  •    Approx. 1,300 x 600 x 1,100 mm, weight approx. 430 kg
  •    < 300 bar, eco+ self-regulating piston pump, 130 l clean liquid tank, electronic control
  •    Power supply 3∼/ PE 400 V / 50 Hz
Flow rate
  • 9–45 l/min
  • 50 bar max. at 45l/min
  • 70 bar bar max. at40 l/min
  • 80 bar up to 110 bar max. at 27 l/min.
  • 130 bar up to 150 bar max. at 20 l/min.
  •  210 bar max. at 12 l/min.
  • 300 bar max. at 9 l/min
Filter / Filter fineness 
  • Changeable filter (glass fiber, 25 μm)
  • Double change-over filter (glass fiber, 25 μm)
  • Automatic filter (30 μm), bypass filter, slurry in strainer basket (150 μm)
  • Cascade filter (wire mesh: 500-μm prefilter, 40-μm fine filter)
  • Cutting Oil
  •      Water emulsion (min. 8 % oil content)
Service Connections
  • up to 10 controllable service connections
Degree of machine contamination

combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60

Technical DataCL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60
Promotional Product Retrofitting Campaign!
  • Approx. 1.400 x 863 x 2.000 mm
  • Approx. 500 kg
  • 400-l clean liquid tank
  •     Bypass or full flow filtration
  • Power Supply: 3∼/PE / 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Up to 2
Flow rate and pressure
  • max. 60l/min, max. 300 bar
Filter / Filter fineness
  • Cascade filter (wire mesh: 500-μm prefilter, 40-μm fine filter)
  • Automatic filter (40 μm)
  • Cutting Oil
  • Water emulsion (min. 8 % oil content)
Service connections
  • up to 8 controllable service connections
Degree of machine contamination


In addition to an increase in output or increased process reliability and improved processing quality, you can easily realize rationalization potential in the 5-digit range, for example, when using 70 bar high pressure - depending on the processing.

The following table shows you the considerable cost savings using the example of a CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60 or CL3 G eco+ 70/40 with cascade filtration.

Rationalisation areaDescriptionBenefitsValue
High PressureTool wear
Drilling in one go
7-fold reduction
Time saving 8%
5.649,43 €
11.424,00 €
Full-flow filtrationNo filter changes /
Time/cost benefits
Time saving 10 % 
1,380,00 €
Energy efficiency Control-pump effect
Cooling with constant pump
Approx. 2 - 3 kW/h
1.975,05 €
2.633,40 €
Process reliabilityImproved Quality Output
Multi-shift operation possible

Here the advantage must be estimated with caution.6.000,00 €
Total192 production days / year 21 hours / day29.061,88 €

With an average price of approx. 20,000 Euro for the CL4 G or 16,000 Euro for the CL3 G with a ratio of approx. 29,000 Euro, the payback time is less than one year!


+ Significant cost reductions and ratio potentials
+ Return on investment of the facility possible after less than one year
+ Gain in unit profit and sustainable increase in profitability
+ Unique compactness in an attractive design
+ Energy-efficient variable displacement pump technology with pressures above 30 bar
+ Process reliability thanks to sophisticated cascade filtration based on high-performance spin-on filters
+ Less wear (cost reduction) and shorter downtimes than with compact belt filters
+ Optionally equipped with our medium automatic filter for unmanned operation
+ Security in the investment decision through a meaningful, non-binding test at minimum cost

Let's do something together against efficiency killers in the retrofit sector at high purging capacities. Profit now. For today and tomorrow.

Two-stage cascading filtration saves consumables and reduces downtimes

When machining on processing centres, a very high chip volume is generated almost continuously. At the same time, high coolant flushing performances are required – but naturally with the corresponding purity in the desired high-pressure operation over 30 bar. As a financially and economically very interesting entry-level solution, Müller offers a two-stage cascading filter system consisting of pre- and fine filters for the combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60, combiloop CL3 G eco+ 50/45 and 70/40. The medium first flows through a coarse pre-filter (mesh density approx. 500 μm). This produces a filter cake that increases the degree of separation and the filter fineness. In the second step, the pre-cleaned medium passes through the fine filter, achieving a purity of up to 25 μm in the two combiloop CL3 G models, and up to 40 μm in the combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ 70/60. The solution offers another advantage over compact belt filters. The cascading filter uses washable filter elements, including large volume ones, which greatly reduces wear and the operating costs – and is much better for the environment. Plus the productivity time of the machine is increased.

So how do all these benefits come about? It’s quite simple. Imagine the compact belt filter as a filter coffee machine. Filtration is based purely on gravity. It takes time for the medium to pass through the process. The more contaminated medium there is, or the less that flows away, the more the filter fills up with medium, and the faster the float gives the signal to continue the belt’s cycle. This in turn leads to a relatively faster consumption of the nonwoven fabric, and with that to more frequent changes. In the case of Müller’s cascading filter system, the medium is firstly pre-filtered, and secondly is literally pushed through the elements. This results in a higher availability of the pure medium thanks to the large elements. And only from a certain differential pressure, i.e., when the filter cake is too impermeable, is the signal to change given.

Automatic filtration reduces operating costs and supports unmanned operation

The entry-level option, combiloop CL4 G-400, is a basic version with which the 400-l clean liquid tank does not necessarily have to have an automatic filter, but can alternatively be used with the less expensive cascading filter. The automatic filtration is essential for the full-flow filtration versions combiloop CL4 G-600 and CL4 G-800. However, both the CL4 G-400 and the two CL3 G versions can be fitted with the self-cleaning automatic filter. Self-cleaning automatic filtration is the ultimate in CL filtration, and is the optimum solution for medium and high levels of contamination. The automatic filter enables low-maintenance, reliable and sustainable operation.

eco+ dynamic power concept saves energy for lower costs

It is generally the case that the self-regulating eco+ piston pump is geared towards the maximum energy efficiency. It provides exactly the volume flow that is actually required. Thanks to the control effect, up to 26% of energy is saved, and significantly less heat passes into the medium. This results in higher temperature stability in the medium, which leads to improved, more uniform machining. The self-regulating eco+ piston pump also has an incredibly long service life and reduces both downtime and maintenance costs.

Predefined interfaces for fast, safe use

Thanks to close system partnerships with leading machine manufacturers and 20 years of plant engineering, we have predefined and tailor-made interfaces for a wide range of machines that enable the efficient interaction between high-pressure peripherals and lathes through smooth communication between machine control and machine.

Compactness saves space for greater productivity and flexibility

The compactness, with simultaneous performance and high efficiency, results among other things from the intelligent, space-saving filtration concept as well as the pressure-controlled piston pump technology. The models combiloop CL3 G eco+ 50/45 and 70/40 measuring 1,300 x 600 x 1,100 mm (L x W x H) in particular are unrivalled in this field of application. These systems are mobile, and can also be used on a range of machines. The combiloop CL4 models, on the other hand, are stationary. However, with the clever technology built on the clean tank – and wonderful accessibility thanks to the door – the combiloop CL4 G-400 eco+ of with up to 60 l/min at 70 bar is a real space-saver..



We are at your disposal. Write to us at sales[at]muellerhydraulik.de or call us at +49 (0)741-174575-0. You are also welcome to use the contact form at the bottom of the page. We are looking forward to your inquiry.


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