We ask ourselves: Why make your machining operations so difficult? Profit from system-based smoothness. Because Müller offers you everything for high-pressure machining and chip management – with maximum combinability and optimally tailored to your machine tool and processes.

There are various partners in the field of cutting fluid high-pressure machining and chip management. Often, the search for the right solution for “ME” is like the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack. With the unique concept of maximum combinability, Müller is now making life around your machine tool as easy and as efficient as possible.

// Maximum combinability means system-based simplicity, efficiency and smoothness. Because everything is perfectly tailored and matches

At Müller, operational customer requirements are at the centre of everything we do. “We have invested a lot of time analysing needs and understanding processes even better. It became clear that peripheral patchwork solutions are real efficiency killers”, explains Martin Müller, Managing Director. “High pressure from U, chip conveyors from V, cooling from W, pressure boosting from X, large systems from Y and filtration from Z. The consequence? Complexity, loss of time and inefficiency all along the line.” Procurement becomes employment, service coordination becomes day-to-day business, and less-than-optimally coordinated technologies with umpteen operating concepts do the rest for efficiency. “Even if the lion’s share comes from the same supplier, optimum machine tool coordination is far from standard”, Müller continues. From this realisation, the concept was born of maximum combinability as a true problem-solver, with the goal of making your life easier, safer and more efficient.

The rule is: Combine maximum simplicity with maximum efficiency. The overriding added values are obvious:

// No peripheral patchwork                               
// “One” contact partner     
// Fast and easy service   
// Market-leading technologies
// Everything matching from a single source      
// Synergies in training, operation, etc.
// Safety thanks to standards
// Process/resource optimisation

With a lot of work and high investments, Müller is therefore also strategically expanding its portfolio on an ongoing basis in order to offer from a single source everything relevant in terms of products that can be customised and combined to the maximum degree. The latest additions in this context are, for example, also the easy-maintenance and user-friendly pressure booster pumps and the new chipstream chip conveyors from Müller that stand out in terms of both form and function. One thing is clear: The new Müller conveyors combine superbly with all high-pressure units.

// What’s new in 2021: from medium-pressure boosters for lathes to the highest-quality chip conveyors and new entry-level cutting fluid compact systems to the first closed high-pressure system for large machining centres

With maximum combinability, you benefit from countless solutions that simultaneously promote manufacturing efficiency and process reliability to the greatest possible extent. From a system with entry-level products such as a combiloop CL1 E, to solutions for high-pressure machining on sliding headstock lathes with a combiloop CL3 E, to absolute high-end solutions for maximum automation such as a combistream CS4 with a working chamber conveyor and tank bottom cleaning combined with a combiloop CL4 as a clean tank for high pure-media availability.


// // Left: Entry-level solution with chipstream CST1 chip conveyor and combiloop CL1 E, right: high-pressure machining solution on sliding headstock lathes with chipstream CST2 chip conveyor and combiloop CL3 E

// Maximum automation: combistream CS4 with working chamber conveyor and tank bottom cleaning, combined with combiloop CL4 as a clean tank and a long parts box

Richard Huber, head of Müller Sales, summarises: “We offer a unique variety – in terms of price and modular equipment, but also with regard to set-up situations. In terms of high pressure, you can either choose a classic supplied product or a solution for tight installation situations under the bar feeder. The same applies to our chipstream and combistream products – from simple chip conveyors to fully integrated complete systems. A wide range of variants, a modular kit, maximum combinability plus the system partnership with leading machine tool manufacturers – this offers unique added value and reflects our customer focus.”


  • A perfect match with the machine and production process:

    +    Greater efficiency, more profit
    +    Process reliability
    +    Optimum operation
    +    Resource conservation
    +    Time saving, less stress

  • One partner for your cutting fluid periphery – the right solution for you:

    +    Effectiveness, security, convenience
    +    Time saving, less stress
    +    Synergies

  • Predefined modular system components:

    +    Uncomplicated connection
    +    Speedy commissioning
    +    Efficient operation

  • Standardisation in controllers and technologies:

    +    Simple familiarisation
    +    Safe operation
    +    More efficient qualification

  • And much more

Contact your Müller sales representative now and learn more about the unique maximum combinability and the countless possibilities available to you for making use of the machine tool as easy and as profitable as possible. Because your efficiency depends on it.


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