combiloop CL1 B – constant medium pressure machine for high flushing performance

Using the combiloop CL1 B pressure boost solution, in next to no time you have created a self-sufficient supply solution: process reliability with a maximum of up to 25 bar and with a cooling lubricant flow rate of up to 60 litres. Highly compact, sustainable, energy-efficient and, in contrast to normal coolant pumps, always stable and reliable in terms of performance thanks to the dual-pump feeder principle and integrated filtration, and without machine downtime.

The rinsing and flushing out of chips with medium cleaned to 250 µm at constant low or medium pressure of up to 25 bar and high flushing capacities of up to 60 litres protects tools, machine components and workpieces. Coolant life and tool life are increased many times over, with both scrap rates and operating costs being significantly reduced.

// combiloop CL1 B: Pressure boosting and filtration in one closed, space-saving aesthetic complete system

Machining efficiency and process reliability thanks to stable performance as the pioneering differentiation from the industry standard are essentially based on the following sophisticated Müller features:

  • Single or double change-over filter with washable high-performance wire mesh elements and 30 times the service life of conventional elements thanks to surface enlargement by special folding technology

  • Double pump feeder principle as a constant medium pressure guarantee! The feeder pump feeds the booster pump and ensures a stable, constant supply of medium.

  • Bypass and optional frequency converter for heat management and conservation of operating media for endurance running. The bypass discharges excess medium into the tank with a low heat input. The optional frequency converter efficiently controls the amount of coolant at a fixed pressure as required.

 // Ensures operation: LED signal lamp visible from a long distance as well as high-performance filters that can be ergonomically accessed at all times (here double change-over filter)

Contrary to common practice – such as coolant pump columns provided or stage pumps mounted on the housing – the combiloop CL1 B is a USP and a must for most machine tools because it delivers performance reliability in terms of a constant low or medium pressure, because it allows filtration and because it counteracts possible heating. Its outstanding look, increased operational reliability and well thought-out ease of use and servicing are also impressive.

This results in a number of profitable advantages:

// Systemic concept
+ Pressure boosting and filtration in one
+ Effective rinsing of the turret, spindle, counter spindle and workpiece
+ Avoiding blocked bone tubes
+ Increased efficiency and productivity
+ Less scrap
+ Reduced chip build-up inside the machine
+ No peripheral piecework
+ Standardisation, safe system
+ Work safety, cleanliness and a professional look in production
+ For all cooling lubricants

// Ensuring productivity
+ Integrated pre-warning for filter cleaning (LED display)
+ Integrated bypass avoids increased heat input
+ Optional frequency converter

// High-performance filter
+ 30 % longer service life due to folding technology (surface enlargement)
+ Wire mesh (washable): environmentally friendly, cost-efficient
+ Longer coolant life and tool life

// Double pump feeder principle
+ No pressure loss
+ No loss of delivery capacity
+ Pumps insensitive to dirt
+ Process/Performance reliability

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