Agreed? – The first closed, compact high-pressure CL system for large machines

The slim-line, compact Müller innovation provides even more profitable, sustainable and attractive help with machining on large multi-spindle automatic lathes, lathes and milling machines, sliding and fixed headstock automatic lathes and finishing machine tools with large flow rates while optimising space.

Three versions – for 100% of all applications

The three basic models and the modular design have all fields of application and customer needs covered. All models can be used with either emulsion oil or cutting oil. With an 800-litre clean tank and a maximum flowrate rate of 150 l/min, the combiloop CL6 G 800 is the smallest system and is particularly ideal for use with up to three working pumps. The medium-sized system, the combiloop CL6 G 1200, can hold up to 1,200 l clean liquid, has a maximum flow rate of 300 l/min and can be equipped with up to four pumps. A real heavyweight is the combiloop CL6 G 2500 with a 2,500-litre CL clean tank and a maximum flow rate of 450 l/min. This product is the ultimate for all machines that have to circulate a large amount of cooling lubricant. This machine can be equipped with up to five pumps.

How did the world’s first closed compact CL system for large machine tools come about?

On large machine tools, high delivery rates of 300 l/min and more, plus a high, assured availability of clean lubricant in high and low pressure, are required, particularly in the high-end area, and it must be available flexibly in the highest quality. The European market leader generates more than 80% of its business for and with compact high-pressure CL on sliding headstock automatic lathes. So how did the move into the new segment and massive investments in innovation processes and into design development with an external prestigious partner and into intensive R & D come about – despite Corona?

“Customers kept asking us whether we could design a compact or rather space-optimising system that integrated all of Müller’s efficiency-optimising technologies – such as the low-maintenance automatic filter, high-pressure eco+ regulation technology and control capacities – but also offered a smart, modular design with high-performance flushing and maximum lubricant availability”, explains Managing Director Martin Müller and adds: “We found these requests very tempting. Thinking outside the box, this meant getting rid of all the peripheral high-pressure cooling lubricant equipment used in conjunction with the large machine tools and packing these inside an attractively designed, efficiency-boosting and process-stabilising CL peripheral solution. Durable, intelligent – the Müller way.”

Large machine tools were not exactly a new market segment for Müller but the approach that emerged is completely new for this market. This was also demonstrated by customer feedback during innovation meetings and workshops. It was the integration of the system along with its modular expandability and its precise adaptation to production requirements and processes that particularly impressed the external experts, as well as its aesthetics.

In a league of its own: self-contained, compact, aesthetic and integrated technologies!

It is not uncommon for large processing machines to give the impression of being a CL high-pressure peripheral component jigsaw puzzle: a cooler here, an additional tank there, disinfection somewhere else. With the combiloop CL6 G, Müller will in future do away with conventional practices. At long last, the aesthetic and functional system finally offers a professional counterpart in the high-pressure filtration periphery when it comes to challenging, modern machining. All expansion stages appear both balanced and exciting. Phases structure the product and enhance the dynamic impression. In a well thought-out contrast, the system impresses with its planarity as well as the clear structure and clear allocation of functions. It is a logical, appealing design that interacts with the operator, making handling enjoyable and easier. In addition, the design deliberately gives amazing added value in terms of space optimisation. The slimline, elongated design not only makes the product appear more elegant and modern, it also creates more production capacity in the same space as that provided by many open systems that are widely available on the market. Their rather square basic shape does not enable the production islands to be tightly placed – valuable space for more turnover is wasted.

Clever, modular design for greater efficiency

All variants are available as versions for machining in cutting oil or emulsion. So Müller offers a high-pressure pump concept for each requirement.

The self-regulating eco+ piston pump is fitted as standard for all oil systems. This allows the smallest volume flows up to 0 l/min. The attraction of this key technology is that it is extremely effective, reduces energy consumption thanks to its regulability up to 26% energy and significantly less heat is transferred into the lubricant. This, in turn, ensures greater temperature stability in the lubricant and better, more reliable processing, as well as much lower scrap or higher quality output. In addition, the self-regulating eco+ piston pump has a long service life and greatly reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Screw pumps are well suited for the emulsion. Major shortcoming: They always deliver the same output, consume a lot of energy and thus introduce more heat into the lubricant. In order to ensure Müller’s efficiency philosophy in the emulsion system as well, these models are fitted with a screw pump and a frequency converter. Both customers and the environment benefit from a significant reduction in energy consumption, lower electricity costs and less heat generation as a result of the revolution speed controls.

In terms of filtration, the combiloop CL6 G leaves nothing to be desired. Depending on the degree of contamination, it can be equipped with compact belt filters or state-of-the-art automatic filtration

With the self-cleaning automatic filter, customers save money and sustainably increase machining quality thanks to the environmentally friendly process. The automatic filter is the ultimate in CL filtration and guarantees a real purity of 40 µm – depending on the version. In this filtration process, contaminated CL flows through the filter stainless steel mesh from the outside to the inside, dirt adheres to the outside and drops down. The filter is automatically cleaned by backwashing with air and its own medium. The sludge material is post-cleaned via the sludge box and filter cake. Experience has shown that the returned lubricant also achieves a purity of about 40 µm through post-cleaning. The automatic filter enables low-maintenance, reliable and sustainable operation – with the combiloop CL6 G in series connection for high flushing capacities up to 450 l/min! If the systems are equipped with a 1,200- or 2,500-litre clean tank with automatic filter, the automatic chip removal is included as standard. All in all, the combination results in an almost maintenance-free system that does not require the use of consumable elements.

In addition to a standard solution, Müller also offers a particularly effective compact belt filter solution that is unique in the market: a maintenance-optimised high-end compact belt filter that is particularly powerful thanks to its integrated, patented chip removal. Chips and sludge are continuously scraped off by the paddles. This enables reliable operation with high flushing performance and very fine contamination. The service life of the filter fleece is also increased and the costs for consumables are significantly reduced. In addition, the increased service life enables a more self-sufficient, longer operation. The machine operator can thus be comfortable concentrating on the production of parts – instead of on filter cleaning, filter change and tank cleaning. 

An interesting, integrated addition and further novelty: the integrated chip carrier. Approx. 110 l of chips and filter sludge or filter fleece are collected in the integrated tool. Thanks to the ergonomic handle and castors, the chip carrier can be easily pulled out from under the machine and guided to the discharge point. Once there, it can be easily emptied by means of a tipping function and entry pockets. Time and convenience are gained and injuries and soiling are effectively prevented!

All systems are equipped with an integrated flow monitor and level sensor. These standards plus other interesting options support smooth operation and high stability in the process – for example, the integrated top-mounted coolers. Here too, the customer has a choice: Depending on machining, pump configuration and machine performance, coolers from 7.5 to 12 and 25 kW cooling capacity are available – fully integrated, and best of all: easily retrofitted at any time. The coolers guarantee temperature stability – thus ensuring the highest quality in parts machining with very tight tolerances. In addition to cost advantages and quality assurance, the production of higher quantities is also possible. The integration means that no valuable production space is wasted by adding another peripheral device.

But with the combiloop CL6 G, Müller has gone one step further than high-pressure cutting. As the first and only solution on the market, this innovative new product offers integrated thermal CL disinfection as an option. This can be retrofitted at any time. Müller disinfection kills bacteria and fungi by almost 100% in an environmentally friendly, highly effective pasteurisation process. This increases the endurance or service life of the emulsion by at least 50–75%, plus the quality of the lubricant is continuously maintained during production. This fusion of high pressure and CL disinfection in the emulsion results in considerable cost savings and increases output quality and quantity. But the benefits go beyond that. “Emulsion always tips over at some point, fungi and bacteria develop. We all knows the stench when lubricant, emulsion tips over, not to mention skin and mucous membrane irritation”, explains Alexander Lang, Head of Marketing at Müller, and goes on: “In addition to more profit growth, we want to create a safer and better working environment for the operator and indeed for everyone in the company, while at the same time really benefiting the environment.”

Well thought-out down to the last detail

The combiloop CL6 G offers various other details that significantly increase process reliability and performance. For example, for emulsion plants, these include an integrated separator for foreign oils (lubricating oils, slideway oils, hydraulic oils) as well as a special ultrasonic level sensor.

More than just an interesting detail is the integrated overflow. The combiloop CL6 G thus offers permanent bypass filtration, with clean and – with selected options – cooled or temperature-stable and disinfected coolant. The constant mixing increases the CL quality – in the entire circuit – overall and continuously and thus the process stability and machining quality overall.

q.e.d. – combiloop CL6 G takes high-pressure cutting to a new level

The evidence is here: The combiloop CL6 G is definitely a small CL compact system revolution in the segment. With the combiloop CL6 G, machinists boost profitability with

// Reduction of unit costs
// Increase in productivity
// Increased output quality
// Reduced maintenance-related downtimes
// Considerable increase in tool and CL service life/
/ ... and much more


+ A self-contained system: safety and highly professional, modern overall impression of the production
+ Avant-garde form, high-quality materials: timeless, high-quality concept, money well spent
+ Clever design: maximum efficiency also in terms of ease of maintenance and cleaning
+ More production capacity in the same space due to slimline, elongated design
+ Targeted investment: three basic versions as platforms for a precisely customised design
+ Full and bypass filtration as standard for higher output quality
+ Top-mounted cooler increases dimensional accuracy and can be retrofitted at any time (staggered investment)
+ Low-maintenance filtration, self-sufficient circuit – automatic filter with chip removal
+ Disinfection: massive cost reduction, no smell, safer workplace


Large processing machines are not a new market segment for us but we are approaching the market in a whole new way. A real innovation.

combiloop CL6 G is:

  • The first closed high-pressure unit for large processing machines (integrated system solution)
  • An individually adaptable standard system (modular system) for large processing machines
  • The first machine that merges the high-pressure unit with emulsion disinfection (optional) and considerably relieves the strain on people, the environment and your wallet
  • The first closed CL high-pressure unit
    • with several automatic filters that can be connected in series – for completely consumable-free, low-maintenance CL filtration with high flushing capacities
    • with a top-mounted cooler and a disinfection unit that can be retrofitted at any time as needed 
    • with a compact belt filter with a patented chip removal system
    • that generates high pressure in this class with the energy-efficient, self-regulating piston pump technology
    • with an integrated chip carrier for safe, convenient chip removal 
    • that creates maximum process reliability and effectiveness with special features for emulsion or cutting oil

After all: From 2021, Müller customers will be just able to machine more profitably, sustainably and finer, even on large machine tools. With the combiloop CL6 G – because your efficiency matters!


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