Last September, Müller Hydraulik exhibited its products at the AMB in Stuttgart. On a total area of 45 m², the new brand appearance, as well as a whole new generation of products from the brand range combiloop were presented to the audience.

True to the motto “Efficiency Matters”, Müller’s vision is focused on the future. Companies need to act efficiently and it should be important to them. In order to Nomen not turning to Omen, it is important for Müller to implement this guiding principle in all areas.

Not everything should and can be perfect, yet the ambition is clearly stated: the company’s continuation and success will be reflected in the market through efficient product systems with clear differentiation and USPs, as well as the corresponding actions of all those involved. This should be embodied for the first time at the AMB. With a completely new logo, a uniform appearance, the new catalog in the new corporate look, as well as a whole range of new products from the combiloop brand range, Müller presented itself to the public.


Compared to the trade fairs of previous years, the first day of the fair was a visitor success. The second day was by no means reserved, as usual, but surprised with lively visits from home and abroad. Unfortunately, this rhythm could not be held until the end of the fair. Although not so many visitors were reported at the stand in comparison to 2014 at Müller, one can still draw a positive conclusion. Many of the visitors were surprised by the new Müller appearance, and some even thought they had not found the right stand, although it was the same stand in the same place in Hall 6 as before.

The newly presented combiloop CL1E and CL2E were particularly well received this year. The CL1E is the logical further development of the CL1, which has now been completely encased in a new design and equipped with a new, much more efficient filter system. The CL2E, which has the same design approach as the CL1E and also with a new filter system, which has a tripling of the filter surface compared to the previous one, can be placed in eighty percent of all cases under a bar feeder (see picture below). Compared to competition systems and the previous filtration variant, the new filter elements, which are washable, can be changed upwards instead of downwards. 

In addition to the CL1 and CL2 solutions, the prototype of a design study of a new combiloop CL4G full-flow filtration variant was the secret matchwinner. In its appearance similar to the smaller CL3G, the CL4G impresses with its standardised character in the technical implementation, but of course also by its simple but nevertheless elegant design. The great advantage: both the simplest version, as well as high-tech variants can be offered in the same case and be built modular. Even the retrofitting of a cooling unit can be carried out at a later stage.

In contrast to CL1 and CL2, which are available from January 2017, the CL4G will not be expected before mid-2017.


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