Firmengebäude des KSS-Hochdruckanlagenbau-Unternehmen Müller Hydraulik in Zimmern o. R.

Müller was founded in 1990 by Peter Müller as a hydraulic service and worked very successfully in the domestic region. In the years 2001–2003, the company started parallel to research and develop cooling lubricant high pressure for the machining.

In the following years, Peter Müller built these plants in small batches. Until ca. 10 years ago, in 2006, a new way, a new era began for the company building on this development. The potential of these systems was recognized. A brand was created. An assortment was adapted to customer requirements. High pressure became a topic and was established as an efficiency booster in the machining industry. As early as 2008, the company changed the location to boost capacity in accordance with demand.

In the following years, new markets were consistently developed and further innovative products were developed, such as, for example, the first integrated high-pressure chip-conveying solution combistream.

Overall, the Swabian family business grew so solidly and cautiously. More and more, transforming from the hydraulic specialist to the plant engineer, to an innovative manufacturer of high-pressure solutions for machine tools.

But one thing has remained the same in all the years – the unconditional desire and urge to increase very efficient solutions and offers.