The production of the new CL1E and CL2E has now been launched!

At Müller we are getting ever closer to meeting our aim of forming product families from individual products. A good example of this is the market launch of the new CL1E and CL2E on 01.01.2017. Both products are now firmly integrated into the production process, thus plugging a gap in the combiloop product family: virtually all products have the same attractive design. combiloop CL4 is set to follow suit in the autumn and then we will be able to proudly maintain that the project of giving the combiloop product family a consistent design has been completed.

To this end, we planned to do a lot in 2017 - the switch of the production of CL1 and CL2 to CL1E, CL2E and CL2G, enhancement of the combistream product range and the preparation of our move to the new operating facility at the end of May and the changes in production processes associated with it. Having set the bar high as it was in terms of our objectives, the unexpectedly large influx of orders for the CL1E and CL2E as well as for the combistream family products meant it had to be set even higher. In best pole-vaulting manner, our aim then was to clear the bar with the same run-up and same sized pole. Easier said than done. Our customers have been affected by this in the short term in the form of longer delivery periods for almost all products. Nevertheless, the requirement stipulated by the technical management team of not allowing product quality to be impaired by meeting standard delivery terms was met calmly and collectedly. The measures taken are now beginning to bear fruit. Additional work in production and preparation together with improvements in the supply chain are bringing standard combiloop family products back in the direction of standard delivery periods of a maximum of 3 weeks. Delays in delivery in this product segment ought to be a thing of the past by the end of March at the latest, head of production Max Lacher announced with relief. Only in the case of combistream products will more time and work be needed before increased order receipt and newly won projects can be processed in line with the standard delivery periods specified. One of the basic requirements for achieving this is the move to the new production facility with the significantly enhanced production conditions prevailing there.

However, the following impressions are evidence of the fact that our production and service teams are still in good spirits. A big thank you to all those involved for their efforts and hard work!

Incidentally, it is now certain that combiloop CL4 will also be relaunched in new guise in autumn 2017. This was announced by head of design Stefan Mauth last week at the marketing and technology meeting. There will be three standard models, which we can already start looking forward to now.


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