Available now – the new combiloop CL2 G!

The combiloop CL2 G as a mobile compact high-pressure unit has always stood for the highest efficiency in machining. Then as now, thanks to innovative filter technology, it ensures the continuous and perfect cleaning of the cooling lubricant for your cutting tools and is ideally suited for long-term use up to 100 bar. In particular, the innovative protected 3-chamber tank system made the combiloop CL2 G the ideal high-pressure system, especially for cutters, which mainly process fine-chip materials such as brass and aluminium. Deep-hole drillings of up to 1.6 m and 20 x D have been carried out in a single move ever since.

With the new combiloop CL2 G, we are further developing the existing concept of success and taking it to Industry 4.0 dimensions. Because no other CL compact high-pressure unit in the comfort class offers you:

  • Industry 4.0 early warning features for filter changes, thus supporting smooth multi-shift operations
  • Unique pre-separation with a replaceable ultra-fine filter with a 30% greater surface area than comparable competition products – for price-performance-winning purity and service life
  • A large 200-litre clean tank (150 litres more than the previous model) for more output, staying true to size thanks to better thermal growth and greater temperature stability
  • And much more – in an aesthetic, timelessly elegant form and with the best function

Supplemented by features such as the standard interface, which guarantees smooth and immediate operation, as well as cleverly simple inspection accesses, which minimise capacity commitment and downtime for maintenance – it’s perfectly clear: the combiloop CL2 G is the Best in Class under 100 bar – just beautiful and profitably economical to purchase and run.

Whether it’s the ingenious pre-separation system in conjunction with a larger ultra-fine filter system, large clean tank, contamination warning, etc. – everything about the combiloop CL2 G is designed to maximise your lubricant purity and thus your efficiency in the comfort class up to 100 bar. Thanks to the intelligently optimised, maintenance-friendly design, clever modular assembly options and features, we can create a precision fit for you and your processes.

Benefit from the new Best-in-Class CL high-pressure system with:
// Significant cost savings
// Increased process reliability
// Improved lubricant and tool life
// Reduced unit costs
// Increased quantities
... and much more. What this will do: increase your machining efficiency with the new combiloop CL2 G!

Discover the details here and in our product flyer: Flyer download (PDF).

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