How do the professional product images actually originate on the website and in the catalogs?

The answer: with great effort and a good portion of fun. Look for yourself!

Products are protagonists who want to be perfectly presented. Anyone who has ever faced the task of highlighting himself, another person or a thing, quickly recognized the complexity and the time required for preparation. For the Müller GmbH is now firmly established: the outstanding product photos in catalogs, on the web or in the press work are of crucial importance for the overall success. This could only be achieved through years of good cooperation with a great team. See our well-proven duo: Matthias Boch from our agency mobileeresources, as well as our photographer Misha Gerweck.

 Picture 1: Misha Gerweck with the professional view for the right setting


 Picture 2: a hydraulic unit becomes the center of the action


 Picture 3: our combiloop CL3G at the New Generation Shooting


 Picture 4: spare wheel = multi purpose tool!


 Picture 5: Sometimes a picture may also be blurred. Fun factor plus!


 Picture 6: the photographer at the New Generation Shooting, himself quite stylish


Picture 7: Matthias Boch has a big fish on the hook - 700 Kg want to be moved!


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