Highly aesthetic, highly functional and particularly robust, the new Müller chip conveyor enriches modern production facilities. With clever anti-chip coalition and intelligent control technology, it provides the decisive continuous increase in process reliability and chip removal.

Just between ourselves, there are some things that cannot be reinvented, and nor do they need to be – such as the chip conveyor. However, Müller's new chip conveyor is in a league of its own. “Our chipstream conveyor is an all-rounder”, says Stefan Mauth, head of development at Müller. “It starts with the materiality and solidity. I’m still of the generation that can tell the ‘class’ of a car by the way the door ‘clunks’ when it closes. We have consciously opted for a value here that is different from the standard. Robust, solid, in industrial precision – durable and sustainable overall.”

Most of the parts are manufactured at Müller’s own sheet metal production facility. The standard is high, because it is a functional and at the same time highly aesthetic product in an avant-garde design that does not tolerate inaccuracies. Timeless and valuable, it enriches the modern production facility.

Overall, form follows function. Thanks to the large surfaces, the compact, mostly enclosed basic structure of the chipstream is also easy to clean. Additional features such as the oil mist extraction system are harmoniously integrated. The controls and functional lighting are ergonomic and laterally integrated, clearly visible. The electrical control system behind them is easily accessible. Along with easy operation, the Müller chip conveyor is also optionally available with intelligent intuitive touch control. This allows for a safe change in cycle times, based on the degree of contamination. The cycle times can be changed at any time using the PLC/web interface. The unique new control concept allows for process-optimised adaptation “at a touch”, and not only for job shoppers. This effectively minimises risks such as downtimes, failure and, in the worst case, extensive damage, and increases profitability.

Further benefits: Simplicity encourages conversion – the conveyor spends less time running continuously. This greatly reduces cooling medium consumption, refill capacity binding and, in particular, conveyor wear. The high-end control system also always includes the chip conveyor monitoring system developed for the combiloop CL6 G as standard which, thanks to the sensor, indicates when it is time to change and prevents the interfering retraction of chips. 

Regardless of the control system, everything about the new Müller chip conveyor is designed as standard so that the no. 1 problem factor in production machining – chips – is solved and taken away.

// Ingenious chip conveyor with special perforation

// Anti-chip standard: chip rake and Vulkollan® scraper

All Müller chipstream products offer a genuine anti-chip coalition. Coarse chip balls that often occur with tough materials such as stainless steel are trapped by the chip rake in the drop. It is complemented by the Vulkollan® scraper on the drop, which scrapes off fine chips on the belt. Another anti-chip feature: Vulkollan® carriers on the belt clean the floor – a highly effective, low-noise approach. And talking of the band: clever perforation prevents the medium from congesting while also aiding chip removal. Last but not least, there is the closed border, which prevents the chips to be drawn in from the edge of the belt.

// Clever accessory: long parts box

However, this formal, functional Müller highlight is not only a winner in terms of the production, filtration and conveying concept. In the spirit of maximum combinability, Müller’s range also contains practical chip conveyor accessories such as the new long parts box. This product makes the safe, careful removal and storage of long parts both ergonomic and beautiful.

Let’s take a summarising look at the advantages of the chipstream conveyor:

// Anti-chip coalition: chip rake, Vulkollan® carrier and scraper, anti-chip border
+     Optimum chip removal, maximum impeded reintroduction of chips
+     Anti-chip border, maximum chip removal
+     Combinable with long parts box

// Highly aesthetic and highly functional
+     Timelessness and value
+     Operating and service ergonomics
+     Long-lasting investment
// Innovative perforated tape

+     Overflow protection
+     Reduction in amount of cleaning required and less production downtime
// Option: Innovative, intuitive cycle time control

+     Reduction in wear  
+     Efficient processing
+     Increased process stability
+     Industry 4.0

// High sheet thickness
+     Solid, safe
+     Long-lasting and therefore sustainable
+     Investment safety
// In-house production of all sheet metal parts

+     Precision and accuracy
+     Certified quality

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