CL3 E: Stryker as an example of the ideal combination for medical technology

The space miracle combiloop CL3 E with automatic filter and pressure stages adapts perfectly to the processes!

Stryker Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG manufactures implant screws made of titanium with a thread diameter of between 1.2 mm and 3.5 mm and up to 80 mm in length using the combiloop CL3 E in combination with a Star SR20 RIII. The combiloop CL3 E appeals for the placement options under the bar feeder. Although the space-saving concept was invented in 2016 with the combiloop CL2 E by Müller, customers such as Stryker Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG, as the manufacturer of medical and surgical products that work with high-strength materials, appreciate the modular performance expansion with the automatic filter and the pressure-controlled pump that provides the consumer with exactly the volume flow required for the set pressure. This makes efficient energy utilisation possible and avoids additional heat generation (eco+). “The advantage is obvious. The filters are low-maintenance, and you don’t have to replace them or clean them yourself”, says Manuel Reichenbach, Senior Manufacturing Technician at Stryker Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG, summing up what he sees as the main advantage of the combiloop CL3 E.

Both high pressure and permanent CL filtration are essential, especially for the feasibility of certain parts. This applies, for instance, to cannulated screws in the Stryker portfolio, which have a continuous bore with a diameter of 0.85 mm. These parts are drilled at 40 x D, which makes reliable filtration of the oil indispensable. In addition, an improvement in the quality of the parts is evident because “different pressure stages allow the individual process steps to be supplied individually with the right pressure. This significantly improves chip formation around the screw”, explains Manuel Reichenbach. This is because chips like to hang on to the finished screw during the turning process, which means that they have to be painstakingly removed from the screw by hand. By the same token, the process may be interrupted and the produced screws will have to be scrapped.In addition to its compactness and the space gain, the combiloop CL3 E also scores points with Mr. Reichenbach for its maintenance-optimised construction. The chip sieve basket is easily and always accessible, and in this Stryker-specific use it only needs to be cleaned once a week, for instance on Monday mornings.

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Find an overview of the benefits of combiloop CL3 E here:
+ Fits under almost all bar feeders
+ Modular system
+ Safe investment: flexible use also in the future
+ Compactness and flexibility up to max. 300 bar
+ eco+ regulating pump with delivery rate up to 27 l/min: energy efficiency and less heat influx
+ Easily accessible technology, simple and ergonomic filter changing
+ Advance warning for filter change on
exchangeable filter systems
+ Flow monitor as standard + optional: adjustable flow monitor (max. 2 service connections)
+ Plate heat exchanger (cooling) integrated: full flow and bypass filtration
+ Desludging box monitoring
+ Rapid amortisation

Discover all the placement options:

Placement example 1:
If there is sufficient space, the CL3 E function and filtration unit can be placed in the middle section under the bar feeder.

Placement example 2:
If space under the bar feeder is limited, e.g. by a tool box or a hydraulic tank, the CL3 E can be placed separately.

Placement example 3:
If it is not possible to install the CL3 E, the function and filtration unit can be placed on both sides of the bar feeder.


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