The new space miracles: the new combiloop CL1 E and combiloop CL2 E fit perfectly under most bar feeders thanks to the new, highly compact construction.

To date, the high-performance, compact CL high-pressure filtration solutions have usually been placed alongside the bar feeder or tool machine. The combiloop CL1 E and combiloop CL2 E have been specially developed for tight installation situations to complete the new Müller range. Both systems appeal for the modern, clever, clear design in the Müller look. Thanks to the intelligent construction, the result is a highly space-saving CL high-pressure filtration solution that is easily integrated under the bar feeder, and thus in almost any production department. Thanks to the updated, high-performance filtration concept with washable elements, the smart entry-level model is suitable for occasional high-pressure use at pressures up to a maximum of 70 bar. The combiloop CL2 E is an endurance runner at pressures up to 100 bar. It combines a tried-and-tested Müller invention, the 3-chamber tank system with pre-separator, and a new filtration concept for high-pressure fine filtration.



combiloop CL1 E: Excellent "price-efficiency ratio" –
and especially compact!

This high-pressure unit proves that high performance and modern design do not have to be expensive. For over 10 years, Müller has stood for ultra compact high-pressure solutions. Thanks to the clever dimensions, combiloop CL1 E can even be installed under lots of bar feeders, and as a mobile unit is ideal for changing installations in various machines. Access to the filter unit is from above via a removable cover. This makes changing it even easier and quicker than ever before.


// combiloop CL1 E: compact, mobile entry-level model for temporary high pressures < 70 bar

// Measuring approx. 690 x 565 x 565 mm (L x W x H), it will fit under most bar feeders

// Changing the filter of the combiloop CL1 E is also easy and quick thanks to the practical access from above by means of an easy-to-remove cover

// New Müller development: triple filter area for higher medium purity


combiloop CL2 E: For continuous use up to 100 BAR – even under the bar feeder

Thanks to the intelligent component arrangement, the combiloop CL2 E really does save lots of space. For efficient utilisation of the production area! The combiloop CL2 E is integrated under the bar feeder, so it does not need any additional production area.

The fine filtration inside this visually appealing system is based on protected contaminant pre-separation in the 3-chamber tank system in combination with easily accessible, washable wire mesh elements for fine filtration. The constant pump provides pressures of up to 100 bar, and a frequency converter can be added to make it an eco+ solution.


// combiloop CL2 E: compact, mobile entry-level model for permanent high pressures < 100 bar

// Measuring approx. 810 x 680 x 565 mm (L x W x H), it is also an extremely compact permanent efficiency booster that fits perfectly under most bar feeders

// Significant increase in fine filter life thanks to the 3-chamber tank system: chamber 1 is used for pre-separation, chamber 2 is where the medium rests, and from where it runs via the overflow into chamber 3


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